About Us

First Church – A Pentecostal Apostolic Church

Who We Are

One of the most often asked question about any Church is, “What kind of church is this?” Well to answer that question, we thought it best to ask some of our visitors and regular attenders of our service how they would answer that question. Here are some of the typical responses “A welcoming spiritual family”, “A dedicated and passionate family of believers”, “deeply committed  to  love and truth”, “Friendly”, “Caring”, “Real”.

We hear over and over “Faith and Family”. We certainly embrace those thoughts and comments.  As a church, our strong desire and dedicated commitment is to Love God and to Love One Another.  As we live that out, other great things just naturally come along. Our community is made up of all ages and we are from many cultures and backgrounds.   Within our congregation, you will find people from many different Christian traditions and many who have never had a prior church experience of any kind. We are determined to say, “Welcome!” Even our music is an example of the diversity of people who gather with us. We sing the great, traditional hymns of the church, but we also sing the more contemporary, informal choruses of today.

More important to us than kind of music is the spirit of our music – we worship from the heart, in spirit and in truth. We completely  devoted to Bible principles. We believe that the principles for life are contained in the Bible, though ancient, they have stood the test of time. Our commitment to following these principles has proven to be the source of the unparalleled satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy that characterizes our lives.

We are affiliated with an international fellowship of churches, Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF), which is a community of over 170 Pentecostal Apostolic organizations. We are aligned with and in fellowship with many good sister churches and organizations. Pentecostal Apostolic’s trace our history back to the founding of the Christian Church and has demonstrated a track record of fidelity to Jesus, integrity, holiness, a commitment to Bible principles, and a passion for evangelism.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the whole community transformed by the love and hope of Jesus Christ. We want to see people come as they are, but not stay as they came.  We are very much alive in God. Things that are alive and healthy, grow, change, adapt.  So should we. Our vision is to see all of God’s people grow over time.  Our vision is to see people worshipping God passionately, witnessing to the world sensitively yet urgently, walking in the love and character of Jesus Himself, and working with the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit gives to us. We seek to have a spiritual environment that will provide a safe, authentic, diverse and spiritual community to heal, nurture and support individuals, young families and established families in a secure environment.

Provide worship, teaching, and training in both large and small groups to cultivate spiritual growth and equip for ministry. Partner with other Christ-centered churches and organizations in the Portland-Vancouver areas to reach out in unity with the hope and love that Jesus offers.

If you have any questions about First Church, please do not hesitate to call us at 503-925-8482 or send us an email. We would be very happy to meet you and to answer any questions you might have!