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“These things have I spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you, and[that] your joy might be full.  This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you.  Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you.  Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you” John 15:11-15.

We at First Church believe that Jesus Christ has brought us into His special friendship through obeying His precious and wonderful instructions.  We have entered a family of friends who share a common desire to live out our lives on purpose and in love with our friend, savior, and Lord, who is Jesus the Christ.  We believe that friendship ought to be mutual.  A person that receives friendship ought to return it, or otherwise he is guilty of great ingratitude.  A believer has many friends, Christ being our number one friend, who loved us before we even knew who he was.  Then in the ultimate example of His great love for us, he gave His life that we might live eternally with Him.  How can we help but respond in like fashion?  Now that we have Jesus as our friend, we find that all those who have become the friends of Jesus are also our friends.  We especially desire friendships within First Church, to support, help, encourage, strengthen, challenge, and love one another.  Proverbs 17:17 says, “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity.”

We at First Church invite you to come and join us as we experience the love of Jesus.

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